Transfer Files Wirelessly

Leave the USB key at the office. AG-NAV Inc. has proudly introduced the AgNavLink to all AG-NAV customers. Through wireless file transfer and communication, AgNavLink is used to link all people who work on the same job together. These can be pilots equipped with the Guia Platinum, applicators, GIS personel, clients, contractors, and inspectors. The best part is, AG-NAV is offering AgNavLink free of charge.

How to use AgNav Link:

1)  Go to the website: to register your AgNav Link account.  You will get an email confirming your account was created.

2)  Download the AgNav Link installation.  To download now, click here.

3)  Unzip the file, where “nnn” is the version number.

4)  Run AgnavLinkInstall.exe to install AgNav Link into your computer.

5)  Add to the Contact List the persons you want to send data to.  If you want to send data to AG-NAV, add to the list “Chrisp” for Chris Plante, “Jasonc” for Jason Corbin, “LaiAgnav” for Lai Nguyen.  Before sending data, please enter a message for us to know what you want us to do.  Also enter your name and email address for us to reply to you with results and/or comments.

6)  Click “Change Directory” then select where your data is.  You can select the USB key.

7)  Highlight the person in the Contact List who you want to send data to.

8)  Click the arrow button to send data.

9)  If someone sent you data, you will be notified to download the data.

10)  When all done, click the “X” button to close the AgNav Link.

Note that AgNav Link only transfers files created by AgNav products or for AgNav products.  When you select to transfer an area or project, all related data will be sent.

Updates Download:

AgNavLink Software version 1.7, 7.4 MB –  August 2018.  Work better with AgNav Link in Platinum software version 2.11.12 and later.

AgNavLink Software version 1.6, 7.4 MB – August 2017. Show warning when file corruption happened.
AgNavLink Software version 1.5, 7.4 MB –  May 2017. Please use this version after May 12, 2017 due to Guia Server change.
AgNavLink Software version 1.4, 7.4 MB – October 2015. You can select to send mails to multiple recipients.
AgNavLink Software version 1.3, 7.4 MB –  February 2015

AgNavLink Operation Instructions, 1.0 MB – August 2013

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