Precision Guidance, even in the wind.

FlightMasterTM is the Guia system optimized for applications where wind is a major factor.

The Same Rugged, Compact Design

The FlightMaster is built with the same design as the highly durable Guia, using the same sealed aluminum alloy casing made in Canada. This makes it just as compact, being only 1.5kg (3.3lbs) and less than 4cm (1.57”) thick, as well as using that same crisp 16.5cm (6.5”) display.

Drift Offset Guidance

FlightMasterTM features state-of-the-art drift offset technology, developed by the USDA. FlightMaster uses meteorological data, droplet spectrum, and aircraft data to calculate drift offset and automatically adjust flight lines and guidance. For applications where pilots fly high above ground like adult mosquito control, this is crucial. Now you get AG-NAV’s precision guidance regardless of weather.

Know Your Surroundings

The highly accurate on-board Meteorological Data Probe provides real-time information about the conditions around aircraft. This means you are able to check information like wind speed and direction, outside temperature and relative humidity during flight.

Your Favourite Guia Features

On top of all of the advanced features above, FlightMaster include all of the features you love from the AG-NAV Guia. This includes the moving map display, auto booms, multiple areas, and the Guia accessories.

Feature List

    Industrial build quality
    Wind drift offset calculation and guidance
    Real-time weather data display
    Weather and wind drift data record
    Flight line generation based on wind direction
    Wet/dry/granular flow control
    Variable application rates
    Obstacle and power line warnings, FAA file support
    Free software updates and technical support
    No OS (Linux) license and anti-virus renewal fees
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