Guia Platinum



Simply put, the all-new Guia Platinum GPS navigation system makes your next job better.
Here’s how.




The brand new Touchscreen Interface

The Guia Platinum is equipped with a large 8.4″ touchscreen display. The brand new touch user interface takes advantage of this by using familiar tablet-like elements. Never has a GPS navigation system been so easy to learn and use.

Auto Boom Technology

Auto booms technology precisely handles the on/off spray, removing the human errors in a manual spray. This feature accommodates exclusion zones, variable rates within an area and allows the pilot to focus on other aspects of the job at hand.



Flow and gate control integration

The Guia Platinum is compatible with all of our optional flow (AG-FLOW) and gate control (AG-GATE) systems. This ensures you apply the amount you want, no matter what speed you’re flying. It also logs the data for you and includes it as part of the spray data.



Obstacle and power line warnings

The Guia Platinum includes the obstacle warning feature, which warns your pilot of incoming obstacles and power lines. Obstacle tower data in the US is available free from the USDA. Now your pilot can fly with a peace of mind.


The Guia Platinum includes a built-in wireless internet adapter, as well as a 3G SIM card slot for mobile internet. An internet connection brings new capabilities to the Guia Platinum.


Integrated TrackerNav

Say goodbye to an external modem. With the inclusion of the 3G/4G module, you can implement TrackerNav by simply inserting your SIM card into the system. Once subscribing TrackerNav service with AG-NAV, you can monitor aircraft positions and applications during and after flights.

Wireless communication

Leave your USB key at the office. The Guia Platinum includes AgNavLink, our free communication tool. Now, you can send files and messages from the office directly to the Guia Platinum and vice versa.


  • Industrial build quality
  • Built-in wireless internet adapter
  • Wireless file transfer
  • Integrated TrackerNav
  • Touchscreen & remote switch support
  • Beidou satellite support (optional)
  • Altitude guidance, display & record
  • Wet/dry/granular material flow control
  • Ultra low volume flow control (1-10L/min)
  • Variable application rates
  • Auto/Manual spray on/off
  • Multi-booms support
  • Laser & radar altimeter support
  • Shape, KML and AG-NAV file support
  • Spray single & multiple areas
  • Obstacle & power line warnings
  • Alert output to headphone (optional)
  • Background map download & display
  • Weather information display
  • Live camera image display & record
  • Atomizer RPM monitor & record
  • Free software updates
  • Free technical support
  • Free remote training & troubleshooting
  • No OS (Linux) license fees
  • No anti-virus renewal fees
  • No wireless data transfer fees

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