Manage your Fleet in Real Time

TrackerNav by AG-NAV Inc. is a tracking software package, which allows the user to watch his/her aircraft in flight and sprayed locations in near real time on satellite images.  By knowing where your aircraft or vehicles are and what they do, the security of your assets is significantly enhanced.

The easy interface allows the users from many skill levels to easily run the program and start watching aircraft in flight.  Spraying can be identified as a uniquely thick red line. All incoming data such as Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed, Heading, Spray On/Off are accessible from within the program, to easily track the aircraft.  Different technologies are used for data transfer:  GPRS or mobile cell phone networks, Iridium satellite networks, and UHF radio networks.

All incoming data are recorded and saved in the TrackerNav server for future playback.  An internet connection is required to retrieve data. Playback can be viewed in full motion or single-steps in the playback editor. Tracking data can be received and viewed anywhere in the world.

Please note that TrackerNav runs well on Internet Explorer (IE) version 9 or later, Firefox ESR version 50.x to 52.x.  TrackerNav will not work on Chrome, Edge, or Firefox version 60.x or later.  If TrackerNav does not work on your default internet browser, you can try it on Firefox.

To download Firefox 52.9.0 for Windows 32-bit, click here .

To download Firefox 52.9.0 for Windows 64-bit, click here.

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