Turn-Key Programs

Application Dynamics has been in the business of aerial application for 50+ years, so we want to share what we know with your government agency. Our turn-key program options offer you the ability to build a program that fits the needs of your agency.

Over the years Application Dynamics has learned that the needs of one government agency are not always the same as another. Weather your are a county, city, or community, big or small we are likely able to assist you in building a program tailored just for you.

List of Program Options & Equipment:

  • Option One: Leasing & Licensing Specialized Patented Equipment

    We offer the option of leasing/licensing the only authorized patented high-pressure spray system AirStrike. Being the only purpose built spray system on the market, AirStrike can prove to be a true asset for any new program.

  • Option Two: Leasing Aircraft

    We also offer the option of leasing aircraft with the AirStrike high-pressure spray system equipped with it. This option comes with regularly scheduled inspections of AirStrike and the Aircraft.

  • Option Three: Employee Leasing

    The option of employee leasing comes with the benefits of the employees working under our company’s liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Also when leasing our employees they will be 100% dedicated to your district.

  • Custom Ground Support Equipment

    If you decided to license or lease AirStrike than you automatically get specially designed ground support equipment.

To learn more about our Turn-Key program options contact us at info@applicationdynamics.net or call us at (239)-673-8328.

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